A Center of Community: The Abbey Theatre

As I journeyed into the Abbey Theatre, one consistent word kept repeating itself in my head: community. Located on a bustling street, the Abbey Theatre serves as a location of togetherness. Ultimately, this togetherness points to the power of art and theatre in uniting others.

As you can see from the 360Cities image above, Abbey Theatre is located in an area full of restaurants, bars, and travel centers. This almost reminds me of Downtown LA, in which theaters such as The Theatre at Ace Hotel and The Orpheum Theater are paired in close proximity with places for gathering. These same theaters are the ones that embody DTLA and the excitement that it’s known to contain.

I think that in the same way, just by observing this map, one can suggest that Abbey Theatre may also serve as a hub of community and excitement. The theatre itself represents this same characteristic:

In the same way that the theatre’s location places it in the center of excitement and community, so does The Abbey Theatre’s design speak greatly to the culture that it embodies. Its abundant color instills a variety of different moods, emotions, and excitement. With mixings of different colors and with seats for many attendees, The Abbey Theatre can very easily represent its community and its eclectic mix of residents.

In this sense, I think that The Abbey Theatre embodies Irish culture in a way that doesn’t forget its Irish ideals, values, and excitements. This is why the theatre is still revered to this day, due to its close connection with the Irish lifestyle and people.

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  1. I definitely agree and feel like the 360 picture of the Abbey Theater don’t do it justice just how welcoming and inviting the theater can be. The fact that it’s also located on the intersection of two streets vs. just on one street, emphasize what a social location the Abbey Theater can be.

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