Abbey Theatre’s Location

When I was viewing the Abbey Theatre for the first time, there was nothing to distinguish it from any other building on Google Earth. It looked like it fit in perfectly with the rest of the city. Looking at it from the outside, the building looks drastically different after its renovation. The slabs of stone were traded in for concrete and large glass window panes. However, personally, despite this remodeling due to fire, the building does not exhibit a sense of grandeur that I might expect from a famous theatre. Even the inside of the theater seems quaint and nice, but not luxurious. I think the plain nature of the theater and the fact that it can hold so much history and not brag through its design makes it even more appealing to me. It is a place for entertainment rather than providing the entertainment itself.

The location of the theatre was difficult to locate on the Thom’s 1904 map, a testament to just how expansive the city was. Following the river granted me access to discovering the general location of the theater on the map. Yet, I think it would be nearly impossible for me to locate it on the Google Earth 360 map if not for the search feature given the many buildings. Being located across the river from the college seems perfect given the theatre’s ties to the arts and creativity. The appeal of the building, and Dublin in general, is limitless. The River Liffey runs straight through the heart of Dublin, dividing the city and bringing it together at the same time. Therefore, the Abbey Theatre, just off the edge of the river, sits at the heart of the city as well. It is easily lost among the many buildings surrounding it in the huge metropolis, and in the same way it carries significance and history, I assume the same can be said for the many other buildings I have yet to explore.

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