Great National Monument of Ireland

Solstice Magic: Ireland's Newgrange
Courtesy of National Geographic

When I visit a new country, I enjoy going to their Greenfield land or the rural side. I find myself at peace to see green all around and glimpse livestock. In my opinion you truly get to know a new place whether it is a city, state, or country by seeing the more outside rural aspect of it. You emerge yourself into their culture by seeing how people work their land. Once I encountered Newgrange Neolithic Monument Knew this was the place I wanted to really explore. It has an interesting background filled with history from where it is placed to its structure. It allows for there to be an understanding of how religion came to play in Ireland. By seeing the structure of the monument and seeing in the area located delivers a meaning to the Irish citizens as well as the spectators who are honored to see monuments such as this one. This monument took me back to  James Joyce and how he explained his idea on religion used for oppression to dilute the idea of the scientific aspect for reasoning history. Allowing to virtually explore this monument and analyzing every detail of it reconnects you to what you thought it was made to represent. I was intrigued by the shape it took being a circle and resembling the sun with the stones in the outer edge to make it a circle. After reading the history on it and knowing it was placed where it aligned with the rising sun. Seeing it from a distance I got the sense of it being built inshore of a dome as if t was planned to be a home or a special place in which artifacts could be conserved for the people who lived there. Out is in a pace very isolated, yet filled with green and peacefulness. It makes me think of how cultures each in their way water past or present continue to preserve their identity and traditions by the making of these special monuments.

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