Presentations of Nationalism Within the Works of Yeats and Joyce

For my final paper, I will analyze portrayals of nationalism within the works “Easter, 1916” by William Butler Yeats and James Joyce’s short story “The Dead.” By looking closely at the discussions about Irish nationalism and separation from British rule depicted within these works, it becomes possible to derive what it meant to be a nationalist during the time period of Yeats and Joyce. It may also provide deep insight into the reasons that nationalistic ideals received backing, and whether or not this was perceived as positive or negative. The idea that passion sparks nationalism and sacrifice is prevalent within both of these works. It is an idea that I plan on establishing through close reading of the texts, and supplementing with research from scholarly sources. Through close reading and thorough research, I hope to create a well-rounded paper that delves into the nationalistic perspectives of the two writers, and how these views are contextualized within their works’ historical setting. 

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  1. Hello! I think that this is a really interesting topic and that Joyce and Yeats offer two very interesting perspectives on Irish nationalism. It would be interesting to look into how these two perspectives differ and how their perspectives may be reminiscent of their social class and education.

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