The Abbey Theatre

For this week, I was fortunate to come to explore one of Ireland’s theater, Abbey Theater.  Personally have not been to many important or historic theater the closets one would be in a broadway show and I was very excited to at least see one virtually and get a glimpse of the inside. I was very impressed by the beauty of the abbey theater. Its vivid red carpet and cabin wood like walls with a bar in between allowing to see the outside road was unique for a theater. There was a mixture of modernity and elegancy, but what I captured the most was its simplicity. The portraits outside was a message of history and importance of what the Abbey theater delivered to its people. What stood out to me was its location in Thom’s map.  From what I saw, the Abbey Theatre was located North Dock Ward an area of industrialization. 

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The theater being located around dock areas and railway station was bizarre to me for it to be placed there. It reflects on the design of the theater of being part of an industrial area as well as its now urban environment. Exploring around with 360 cities I was able to see that there are historical monuments around and the Ferris Wheel of Dublin. The sightseeing were not to fancy, but more of industrial looking with factories by and the River Liffey around the major sightseeing place. 

Peacock Stage
Courtesy of Google Maps

Something that I found contrasting to the Abbey Theatre was the Peacock Stage in which was less elegant and more closed and less cared. Exploring the stage gave me a sense that the final product was not meant to be it is as if they attempted to fix it or remodel it and left tasks unfinished. However, I really like its smaller size and setup of its chairs as if they were directed to the stage to be he main point and created a sense of all forgetting the surroundings. I thought of its simplicity to be used to capture the audience attention all to the stage and nothing else to be of distraction as an intimate place.


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