Yeats: A Founder of Theatre

This week I had the privilege of learning and reading some excerpts of William Butler Yeats, Avery well known Irish author. By far Yeats has captured me the most with his writing and messages he carries through them, but also his history in the Irish literacy and theatre evolution. I was very pleased to also know about him through his museum in which I got to know more in depth from his life and work. It was special in learning his connection to previous subjects we have touched upon in the course from the Irish Literacy Movement to the Abbey Theatre.

Getting to know how Yeats was passionate about his people and country allowed me to reflect on his work and his writing having reflect that. “Easter 1916”, I believe was a great example in which he speaks on behalf his country and people through the struggles and difficulties that occurred. However, he manages to let us know the beauty of Ireland and the Irish all in a touching poem when he states “a terrible beauty [was] born”. While reading “The Irish Paradigm” I found interesting Yeats contribution not only to the literacy movement in trying to find Ireland a voice and a own language, but his contributions to theatre work. He was the founder of the Irish Literary Theatre and was able to receive recognition and make contributions to winning Ireland a special place in theatre life. What was more intriguing was his works he produced in either English or Gaelic to make the Irish people feel more independent of the English and get their own language.Yeasts was even able to be part of the creation of the Abbey Theatre and making high end plays that were recognized and rich in literature. After reading the “Chronology” excerpt I was bale to see hat important dates of the dates in which both theaters were opened: “Abbey in December 27 of the year 1904 and in 1988 the first production was made for the Irish Literacy Theatre”, revealing the years Yeats spent in dedicating his time to dedicate to it and revolutionizing Ireland literature journey. In his museum I was able to get informed of his position of president to the theatre society built and his play “Lady Gregory”. Yeats is in no doubt an exceptional Irish author rich in history to which he transmits to his literature work delivering powerful messages while appreciating his identity.

Courtesy of The National Library of Ireland


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