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Thom’s Map of Abbey Street

The Abbey Theatre was opened in Dublin around 1904. With the theater still being active, we can see how much the people of Dublin have a passion for art. Moreover, we can see the relationship with the art and the people of Dublin as a whole, after finding out that the Abbey Theatre was burned down in July 1951. Having to rebuild it, the locals kept the tradition of going to see plays/sometimes movies as a means of entertainment. The rebuild of the building really shows what the Theatre meant to the people of Ireland. Having such a place like the Abbey Theatre active for more than a century is no easy work. People must enjoy spending time there to keep it in business. Staying relevant is hard work, especially for more than 116 years!   

The Abbey Theatre before the fire

After the fire and collapse of the building, the actors and theatre life as a whole was impacted negatively. Actors had to get side jobs to feed their families, only light comedy was being played so the roles were limited and many other similar elements present were the result of this theatre depression era. However, in 1663 the theater made a new presence in Abbey Street, and things went back to normal how they were used to be. The National Theatre was back, and better than before.   

The refined building

With the new design for the Abbey Theatre, Irish architect Micheal Scott opened the door for many future artist, directors, actors who had passion for the art but were limited. The building now looks great. Better than ever. With help of google we can see the inside of the theatre now. Though having been open for a century it is now closed to the the Corona Virus. But hopefully the people of Dublin will soon have the luxury of the Abbey theatre back.

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