Poverty During A Civil War

The research topic I have chosen for my final paper is about the Irish Civil War, which occurred during the early twentieth century, with a focus on the effects it had on the domestic sphere, an Irish family. I decided on this topic from the play “Juno and the Paycock”  since it tells a story of a Irish family dealing with poverty as their main effect of the Irish Civil War as well as other problems that maybe correlated to low socioeconomic families. Through the play I noticed how men were portrayed to be weak and in most cases irresponsible while some were more conscious of their standing in what was occurring. I want to further explore how lives of men were affected by the civil war and how families functioned by having their family members out fighting for independence. I am also intrigued in the roles of women dealing with the being in need and helping out to survive. Poverty in the play revealed a lot of the hardships experienced through Irish families like the Boyle family. Adding on the play displays how a war came to affect even more the working class status than before even to the point of breaking apart a household and allowing for family to take advantage of one another. The effect of the war which created more poverty also led to Irish families to stop relying on faith and hope. Overall, my focus will be primarily on the play and effects of the war that can be seen through this play such as poverty.

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  1. Hi, I think this topic will reveal so much about the lives of families at the time, and I really liked your point about the roles of women. Juno as a character reveals a lot about the challenges and difficulties as a woman in a household during such hardships, I’m sure you will find a much deeper understanding of the story with your research!

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